The Cheese in the Maze – A Story on Growth Mindset

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What would you do if you aren’t afraid? 
 – Dr. Spencer Johnson

Are you a person who is afraid of changes? Here I present to you a funny little story that changed everything in my life. So that you could change the way you see about life, work, whatever the thing you are afraid of right now. You could even refer to this when you don’t know what to do in life-changing situations. Let’s begin the story.


 This story is about two little persons and two mice who live in a maze. The names of these two mice are Sniff and Scurry are simple creatures. They spent most of their day running through the corridors of the maze to find cheese, to eat.

The two little people Hem and Haw are also looking for cheese, but they don’t look for cheese just because they are hungry but they feel successful when they find the cheese. They have a more complex brain than mice and they have emotions too. 


 By the time they find a place with cheese at the end of one of the corridors. Let’s call that place “Cheese Station C”. Every morning Sniff and Scurry wake up and get dressed and head over to Cheese Station C using the same route. Hem and Haw found another route and they also used to go to Cheese Station C every morning. None of them have any idea who put cheese there or where those came from since there is enough cheese for them to live years.


 As a habit mice used to check around the cheese station C before starts digging to see any changes from the day before. Eventually, Sniff and Scurry noticed that the supply of cheese had been getting smaller day by day. One day Sniff and scurry arrived at Cheese Station C and saw the cheese station C is empty. But they weren’t surprised, because they already know something was happening. The mice do not over-analyze anything so the answer is simple. They quickly went to find another cheese station.


Not like the mice, Hem and Haw arrived at the cheese station C. Once they found that there was no cheese They were very disappointed. Filled with emotions. I could say Haw was the most disappointed one. He screamed at the top of his voice.



“Where are my cheese. This is not fair”.

“We deserve that cheese.”


The behavior of two little people was not so good. For Haw, he dreamt about living in a cozy cottage of cheddar. Because of their emotions, they spend lots of time to discuss what to do next. The next day Hem and Haw returned to Cheese Station C expecting the cheese to be there. They spend several days at the empty cheese station C believing that cheese will appear in the morning. Time flies and Hem and Haw are now starving. 


After a few days, Haw noticed that Sniff and Scurry are also gone. Then he mentioned that to Hem. What do you think his reply is? 


“They are just mice. They just respond to what happens. Maybe they are looking for another cheese. We are way smarter than them. We should wait for cheese here”.


Haw said, “Maybe it’s time to change and do things differently. Let’s go look for another cheese station”.


“No. I’m not gonna move. We’re entitled to our Cheese.”

That’s Hem, full of ego and misbeliefs.


After Haw tries a few times to convince Hem to go out and look for another cheese, he decides to do it alone. Hem stayed in Cheese Station C while starving. Haw starts to put marks on the dead ends, so he doesn’t need to check the same route of the maze again and again. After going through lots of dead-ends. Finally, Haw found a place full of Cheese. 


Haw looked back on things, he realized that the Cheese at Cheese Station C had not just disappeared overnight, as he had once believed. He realized that if he had moved sooner as Sniff and Scurry did. He would very likely have found a good deal of New Cheese here.


I hope you have already understood the moral of the story. Never worry about things, money, or people. There is always New cheese waiting to be found. It just takes a minute to start moving and things get improved from that moment.


Always make sure you identify when to start moving and the Fastest way to find the cheese. What strategy is best to look for something in the maze of life. Have a plan on how to keep track of those strategies. In the end, you will be amazed at what it feels like to find the cheese. Have a Good Day!


Reference- Who moved my cheese By Dr. Spencer Johnson.