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At ChampSoft, we leverage our experience from working with major cloud providers, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. That way, organizations can accelerate transformations and get the most from their cloud environment. Whether you choose a hybrid cloud, private cloud, or a public one, we offer custom cloud software development services.

They’re designed to help tech innovators and enterprises to future-proof the infrastructure investment now. You can easily streamline your shift from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS business models.

With our cloud development team, you receive cost-efficiency, cloud migration, cloud hosting services, and much more.

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Our Cloud Services for Software Development

Our Cloud Services for Software Development

ChampSoft covers the full spectrum of cloud development requirements. That way, we help our clients create the right strategy, migrate applications and workloads to a virtualized environment, or refactor them to use cloud-native services more efficiently.

Our experience means that our solutions cover all cloud-based applications such as:

Cloud App Development

Our job is to develop and deploy your cloud applications regardless of browser. We are comfortable in public, private or hybrid environments.

Cloud Migration Services

We are experts when it comes to migration. We understand the criticality of project management when it comes to migration; this means there will be a focus on limiting downtime and maintaining data integrity.

Cloud Computing Architecture

Our remit is to ensure collaboration between elements of cloud architecture. Since flexibility is a key benefit of cloud computing, we ensure that processes are aligned and able to communicate seamlessly once in the cloud.


We understand that containerization is a key part of security in the cloud, and our developers are experts in this field.

Backup Solutions

Disaster-recovery is another benefit of using cloud-based systems; we design solutions to ensure that the impact of outages is minimized and that contingencies are ready should they be needed.

Document Management in the cloud

Document and data management have been core to the ChampSoft offer since its inception. We understand the importance of efficient document management solutions.

Our Cloud software development process

Industries We Serve

Before we start any migration or development, we perform an analysis of your current infrastructure. From there, we build a clear roadmap of the cloud services you require. Our cloud development team is sure to assist with all types of cloud technology so that you use the right cloud providers and get the computing power you need.

Our development team comprise project managers, full-stack developers, designers, testers, security experts and fantastic account managers. Since we have a modular approach to all of our software development, our Cloud solutions are scalable and future-proofed.

When you work with software developers who understand the cloud environment, you receive:

Application Re-architecting – Get a better performance and scale by migrating applications to microservices architecture and using APIs.

Cloud Discovery & Optimization – Engage with our experts to evaluate your current cloud environment and infrastructure. Find out about under-utilized resources to gain specific recommendations on cost-efficiency for your cloud computing needs.

Cloud Migration – Streamline your cloud transition by figuring out the best migration strategy for your business objectives. Is it dockerization of services, IaaS, or cloud-native approaches?

Cloud-Native Development – Unlock the full potential of flexibility and scalability of cloud computing by building/running serverless apps with fully managed services. We can help with cloud hosting and ensure that you pick the right cloud provider for data storage.

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

Healthcare – Development and integration of high quality health-driven software since 2010. Full-service software and application development, integration and migration from a healthcare focused team.

Finance – Use intelligent approaches to supervise financial services and get affordable flexibility through cloud computing.

Agriculture – Use the power of the cloud to get accurate predictions on in-demand products through different markets to adjust production.

Supply Chain & Blockchain – As experts in Blockchain, we understand that a blockchain supply chain can help participants record price, date, location, quality, certification, and other relevant information to more effectively manage the supply chain.

Hospitality – Meet your customers’ and partners’ needs with our end-to-end technology solutions for hospitality. From impactful mobile applications to comprehensive custom-made systems, our hospitality clients rely on our expertise and engineering experience.

Payments – We bring 20 years of industry expertise to build next generation payment systems using blockchains, amazingly secure off-chains and complex but fast smart contracts.

Retail – Unify the data through the supply chain and focus on advanced cloud capabilities, such as Big Data and AI to drive more value for customers.

Gaming – ChampSoft offers end-to-end game development services at affordable rates. Our game development experience working on small to medium games in the industry, including hyper-casual games, multi-player RPGs, and VR games.

Legal – Manage everything from intake to invoice in one easy-to-use platform custom designed to meet your law firm’s needs.

Transport and Logistics – Bring various data pieces together to boost the shift to fleet management and enhance your logistics and transportation services with cloud development.

Cloud Software Development for Your Needs

Cloud Software Development for Your Needs

At ChampSoft, we believe cloud development is a fantastic way of propelling your business forward. We offer a variety of cloud services; here are some benefits of cloud migration:

Cloud Computing Migration Efficiency

Various risks and concerns are associated with cloud-native application development. Most businesses are concerned about the cost of the cloud and worry about downtime from the transition. The development teams at ChampSoft ensure a smooth AWS cloud migration and Microsoft Azure migration. This helps clients reduce their risks and save money while meeting deadlines and needs.

To support delivery, we consult our clients on cloud infrastructure services. We are a trusted cloud development company, so we offer an expert view about the software and hardware components.

Our cloud infrastructure services include working with data storage, servers, and networking equipment. With that, we provide a cost-reduction policy for our clients. For example, handling the hardware abstraction layer ensures visualization of resources, driving costs down.

Enjoy Stable Cloud Infrastructure Performance

We share the same goal as our clients because we want to maximize value through cloud computing solutions. Therefore, our consulting services focus on helping you build a sophisticated cloud solution. It might be IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, or be in the private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public one. Regardless, we ensure that you have the right cloud providers.

ChampSoft provides consulting services and goes above and beyond to help you with end-to-end cloud adoption. With our development teams and software engineers, we have plenty of expertise on board and can evaluate marketing offerings.

With that, we provide solutions from a technical mindset so that you have an efficient business model. Our cloud consulting service uses proven technologies that offer tangible results and only provide you with the best cloud-based solutions.

Optimize Your Business

Recent studies show that about 1/3 of a company’s IT budget goes to cloud development. It’s crucial to spend the money wisely. Investing in cloud services from a professional cloud software development company helps you reach the scalability levels you want that align with your business strategy.

It’s only possible to get the right cloud-based solutions when you choose the right cloud-based software development company. Too often, you must deal with privacy violations and security issues because the people aren’t skilled.

We are a trusted cloud-based development company and offer cloud service models, deployment options, and help you get the best computing resources. Your cloud-based applications run smoothly with no issues.

With that, we offer profound analytical options by using ML and AI across client data that’s stored in the cloud. That way, you get cost savings and the information necessary to choose the best database services.

Why Choose ChampSoft

Why Choose ChampSoft

Whether you’re using Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure, ChampSoft offers appropriate cloud services to meet your needs. When software development is too challenging for your IT department, or you don’t have one, let us assist with your cloud computing needs.

Our industry knowledge is vast, our experience is deep and our colleagues are software visionaries. Whilst Cloud Computing may still feel like an emerging technology, we have worked on cloud projects since the company’s inception. We love data and have built technically advanced data base solutions for clients; this has taught us the criticality of data security when it comes to migration services.

Our experience means that regardless of the scale of your project or its technical complexity, we are best served to be your cloud partners. We have a proven track record when it comes to integration and migration from Web-based API’s to full cloud migration.

Security is key to cloud computing; Every software project that we have undertaken offers ultimate security and this is front and central to our cloud service.

We are able to operate across all of the major cloud computing services and browsers.

Please call to discuss your needs with a service provider. We are happy to help!

Technologies We Use

Why Choose ChampSoft

These are some of what we offer:

  • Heroku
  • DigitalOcean
  • Firebase
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud



What Is Cloud Computing?

The term encompasses many services delivered through the internet by cloud providers. Overall, cloud-based application development indicates that you don’t have to build and maintain a physical infrastructure with servers and data centers or install any development tools to make software. Use the technology and computing power delivered by other cloud vendors.

What Are the Features of Cloud Computing?

The most popular features of cloud-based app development include:

  • Cloud solution services are actually found in remote data centers.
  • You aren’t responsible for cloud infrastructure management or maintenance; the provider is.
  • It’s typical to see pay-as-you-go pricing for cloud services.
  • Users can access the cloud anytime and from any location or device.
  • Cloud systems scale up and down, depending on your needs. You don’t have to deal with getting more data storage or using unnecessary resources.
  • There’s no need to download or install software to use the cloud service. Plus, it works on all operating systems.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

The main benefits of cloud computing are as follows:

Enhanced security – Storing information on the cloud reduces the risk of lost laptops. Cloud systems also have robust disaster-recovery remedies.

Cost Savings – Cloud services save time, promote collaboration and allow for streamlined content.

Flexibility – Cloud computing solves issues around fluctuating demand for bandwidth.

Mobility – Cloud computing means that data can be accessed easily from portable devices such as mobiles and tablets.

What Are the Cloud Service Types?

There are three basic options:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)