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AI Software Development – Transform Your Company with Custom-Designed AI Software

The development of Artificial Intelligence or AI solutions and products from end-to-end requires input from many people. Here at ChampSoft, we ensure that we deliver impactful and relevant AI-enabled software development, big data solutions, and data science options tailored to your unique requirements. We work to propel the business and help you innovate your systems to include less human intervention with more AI software.

Being a leading company that handles AI-driven software development, we focus on building the best custom products to help with your business operations. These complex systems work to procure user consent prior to them using the system and offer deep learning from AI-enabled tools.

Overall, you must understand the traditional software development lifecycle and realize that neural network weights get bigger when you add business intelligence. We can assist with your project idea and handle the coding process to make decision-making and data collection much easier.

AI Growth Insights

AI Growth Insights
  • Business leaders feel that AI is sure to be fundamental for the future, with 72 percent of these professionals terming it a business advantage.
  • The impact of AI technologies on companies is projected to boost labor productivity by 40 percent.
  • The Artificial Intelligence software development paradigm is expected to grow into a huge industry in a few years with few critical limitations.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

There are many accurate estimates of how AI-powered coding can help with updating project timelines and provide actionable insights. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an AI development company on your side.

We keep track of the newest technologies and develop our proprietary tools and models to deliver the best results. Check out some of our past development projects and see how software development with AI at the helm could make it easier for you:

Computer Vision

We empower your company with a ready-to-use facial recognition SDK to enable accurate and fast face detection, tracking, and recognition in real-time. With that, we help you customize it and integrate it through our software development processes.

Text Analysis with Natural Language Processing/Understanding

ChampSoft can help you with software development and find an NLP/NLA solution that enables you to analyze text data from social media or other resources to uncover more insights.

With that, we assist in the integration and tuning to ensure that it follows your business rules and gets the most from it. Using an NLP solution, you understand your users more by detecting interests, sentiment, gender, and other things.


Predictive Analytics

At ChampSoft, we have created influencer marketing APIs to apply over 15 different models for fraud detection, influencer performance, audience insights, and sentiment analysis. Based on the API you choose, AI-powered influencer platforms can be built from scratch to help with campaign monitoring and much more.

Overall, predictability is what Artificial Intelligence is all about. To get the most from software development and writing code, you need AI-powered tools to offer predictive analytics into emerging technologies. Look at your existing projects to see if AI technology is right for you. We can help you create the predictive analytics setup you want!

Compliance and Problem Solving

AI can support regulation by processing large volumes of data in short amounts of time by using predictive analytics. AI can be used to prevent problems before they occur through predictive analysis.


What links these applications is that AI will compress the time normally taken for these activities, or even make them possible for the first time. In the same vein, AI will largely replace tasks that humans currently carry out, or allow tasks that had hitherto been impossible for humans to carry out, possible.

Our Competencies

Our Competencies

Concepts – Unsupervised and supervised learning, fine-tuning, metric learning, model learning, representation learning, efficient and temporal neural networks

Neural Networks – Recurrent and convolutional neural networks, deep bayesian, generative adversarial networks, siamese networks

Deep Learning Frameworks – TensorFlow/Keras, PyTorch

Other AI Tools Our Software Developers Use – Weights & Biases, Dali, mlFlow, Catalyst


Concept Frameworks/Libraries 3rd Party APIs Algorithms
Traditional Datascience Scikit-Learn Decision Trees, KNN, Random Forest, XBoost, SVM
Deep Learning Tensorflow/Keras, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch CNN, RNN
Machine Vision OpenCV, Tensorflow, YOLO CNN, HAAR, Image Segmentation (U-Net)
ICR/OCR Tesseract, Tika, Tabular; R libraries: tabulizer, pdftools, textreadr GCP Vision API CNN
Master Indexing NGram, FuzzyWuzzy, Diflib, SequenceMatcher Jaro-Winkler, Soundx, Q-Gram, Smith-Waterman
Recommendation Engines Spacy, NLTK Content Based, Collaborative, Hybrid
Natural Language Processing Rasa, Tensorflow/Keras, NLTK, Scikit-Learn, Spacy, BERT/TAPAS, Transformers,
Gensim, PyTorch, Wordcloud, Word2Vec, Glove
Dialogflow RNN, LDA-Topic Modeling, LSTM, Sequential Models
Data Extraction NLTK, Inhouse Libraries NewsAPI, TwitterAPI, Youtube API,
AWS Transcribe API, AWS Translate API
Time series Forecasting Keras ARIMA, SARIMA, Encorder-Decorder-LSTM, LSTM, Netcross Validation
Insights Generation Scipy; R libraries: mice, dplyr, VIM Random Forest, Mahalanobis Distance, Market-Basket Analysis,
Box Plot Methods, Statistical Z and t tests, Inhouse Statistical Models, AutoEncoders, Non-Parametric Tests
Medical Grouper Technology Pandas RxNorm API
Automation Selenium
(Programming) Python, Flask, R, React, React-Native, NodeJs


Choose ChampSoft

Choose ChampSoft
  1. Hire a Developer – Hand-pick the right artificial intelligence development team. We’re ready to help you get set up with highly-qualified machine learning engineers who can deliver the right solutions and transform your business.
  2. Outsource the AI Software Development – Trust our machine learning pros with the development of your next Natural Language Processing project and talk with the artificial intelligence design assistant to frame your idea and get it started.

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Industries Our Software Developers Service

Industries Our Software Developers Service

We’ve got a proven track record for helping companies in various niches reach new heights with artificial intelligence. With that, we enhance our expertise through many domains, such as:


  • Healthcare – Let the medical professionals use predictive analytic for better diagnoses, personalized treatment, and much more. Reduce the risk of the manual process and automate where possible.
  • Finance – Harness the power of AI to help with strategic decision-making, financial apps, and more.
  • Agriculture – Combine AI, GPS navigation, and telemetric for automated guidance of agricultural machinery and predictive fleet maintenance.
  • Hospitality – Being an integral part of the digital journey, AI is key to getting and sustaining competitive advantages for hospitality businesses.
  • Gaming – AI tools are key to testing and providing predictive analytics in the gaming sector.
  • Legal – Use our AI based Alterative Fee Schedules or Value-based billing for when you want to make Alternative Fee Arrangement procedures more effective and profitable.
  • Transport and Logistics – Facilitate receipt and invoice processing, improve the customer experience, and automate data-related tasks with visual interfaces.
  • Insurance – Manage your claims processing operations with AI by using chatbots for more personalized interactions. Identify possible risks and offer strong system logs to provide customer-focused services through better software.
  • Retail – Predict your customers’ behaviors with AI developers. Allow more personalized recommendations, boost the efficiency of your in-store operations, and reduce mistakes for any error-prone task.

Our AI Software Development Process

Our AI Software Development Process

Software development that focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial. Here are the steps we take to create a successful project through machine learning algorithms:


  • Analyze your requirements
  • Provide high-level estimates
  • Provide technology consulting
  • Perform data analysis

Project Setup

  • Select the right model engagement
  • Handle all model management with appropriate AI tools
  • Build a core team
  • Prepare the roadmap of the project
  • Data preparation


  • Use agile methodologies and machine learning
  • Progress reporting for each step
  • Perform internal software testing
  • Offer quality assurance testing

Live Release

  • Final testing of the full system
  • Solve potential issues
  • Model deployment (live release) once approved
  • Collect feedback


  • Knowledge transfers
  • Continuous monitoring of servers
  • Bug improvements and fixes

Technologies We Use

Reasons to Work with ChampSoft

These are some of what we offer: 

  • Python
  • Azure ML
  • AWS AI & ML
  • Google AI & ML
  • IBM Watson
  • TensorFlow
  • Accord.net
  • Shogun
  • Apache Singa
  • Apache Mahout

Reasons to Work with ChampSoft

Reasons to Work with ChampSoft

Our mission is to understand your business goals, provide code examples where necessary, and ensure that you reach your desired solution. Here are the many reasons to work with us:

  • Strong AI Team – We have a strong AI engineering team with many years of experience handling AI product development.
  • Proprietary Technology Usage – Our team always uses pre-built technologies with computer vision and Natural Language Processing.
  • Flexible Cooperation Terms – We offer appropriate cooperation terms that are suitable for your goals and needs.
  • Versatile Project Portfolio – You can look through our portfolio of other software development projects to see what we can do!
  • Deep Domain Skills – We’ve got solid technical skills and offer custom application development services.
  • Professional R&D Center – We handle our own R&D activities, and the development team constantly looks for new approaches and ideas to improve our services.
  • Transparent Development Process – Our team focuses on transparency and communication throughout the project. We understand the need for absolute accuracy when developing AI, and as such have a rigorous, process-driven approach to development.

Do You Need a Reliable Provider for Custom AI Software Development?

Do You Need a Reliable Provider for Custom AI Software Development?

The generic benefits of AI development are a cost-effective solution which is future-proofed and that will likely enhance the asset value of your business operations.

Artificial Intelligence is the wave of the future, and when it comes to understanding machine learning methods, you may not have what it takes to handle the software design you want.

That’s okay! You don’t have to spend years learning about software design and how AI can help you. ChampSoft offers such software development services. Check out our past projects to see what we’ve already done and how we might assist you.

When you’re ready, please call to schedule an appointment with someone on the AI design team. Transform your business and use AI to help customers!