ChampSoft: A team of software visionaries

At ChampSoft, we live and breathe teamwork. It is the most important part of our culture. We understand that good software development teams are built around a solid software development team structure and value clear communication, instruction and goals. We know that communication is a two-way process. The concept of ‘Team’ extends to our clients. We are software visionaries who work with you in order to make your idea come to fruition and meet your business objectives. Our team delivers!

The ChampSoft story

Types of Software Teams

ChampSoft was established by Jeewa Perera, who is current CEO. Jeewa is an entrepreneur who has built the company culture in his own vision. His natural entrepreneurial tendencies mean that ChampSoft has an innate understanding of what our target market needs from a software development company. Jeewa believes in the democratization of solutions, which is something that has permeated throughout his company. He believes that the best software development companies hand ownership of their solutions to their clients.

Jeewa understands that his company is only as strong as the people that work there, and that teamwork strengthens each individual. He has built the business successfully on this basis, and employs a successful software development team abundant in tech talent.

Our Culture and values

Software Development Team Roles

ChampSoft have a proud cultural tradition of developing their staff. ChampSoft believe in recruiting an agile software development team for attitude and a baseline of knowledge. From there we invest in staff to make them experts in their field who will never want to leave team ChampSoft.

Our leadership team are committed to developing and supporting all members of our team with our values. We exist to give purpose to our employees. We know that by doing this we can maintain the essence of what makes ChampSoft special regardless of how much we grow.

Our values have emerged naturally, and are key to ensuring a consistent and organically growing team that are driven to deliver on our values. These values underpin every project that we undertake and are as follows:

  • Continuous Improvement: For the benefit of all stakeholders, we will never stand still
  • Help: Our colleagues can ALWAYS ask for help
  • Autonomy: We aim to empower our colleague in their roles
  • Mastery: We believe in making all team members the best at what they do
  • Problem Solving: This is our passion. The bigger the problem, the better
  • Significance: We believe that every ChampSoft role is significant
  • Opportunity: You will have the chance to grow and develop with ChampSoft
  • Feedback: We are ready to hear from every team member
  • Training: We will equip all colleagues with the best tools to do their roles


Software Development Team Roles

Team Members You Need

We understand the challenges involved in project development. ChampSoft have experts in every key role to ensure your project’s success: We are proud of our great software development team. We build the right team structure to deliver the most complex projects. Our cross functional teams are bound by our cultural values, and understand the importance of working with clients as a single team. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities that our team members fulfil:

Business Analyst

A business analyst understands your business processes and translates the customer’s needs into requirements. Business analysts can help you dive deeper into your workflows to determine what you need in order to achieve project success.

Product Owner

This person is responsible for the evolution and vision of the product. Overall, they ensure that the final product meets your requirements and can be your initial point of contact. They work closely with project managers and have ultimate responsibility for the software product.

Project Manager

Software project management is crucial, and the project manager makes sure that your product is delivered within budget and on time. They also motivate and manage the development team and manage team performance. They can be considered as the team lead.

UI/UX Designer

Our user interface and user experience specialists transform your vision into a user-friendly design in order to attract and retain clients and achieve your business strategy. With that, they create user journeys to get the best experience and conversion rates through creative solutions.

Software Developer

Software developers focus on the development process and work with talented engineers to stabilize the product. They will be experienced in interfacing with other team members.

Software Testing Engineer

Software engineers make sure that the application does what it should. Along with software engineering, you need a quality assurance engineer to work out the bugs.

Data Scientists

The ability to access and manipulate big data is an increasing part of finding a competitive advantage in today’s tech society. A Data Scientist will collect and analyse large sets of data in order to draw trends and ultimately solve complex problems.


Statisticians work closely with data scientists. Their role is to compile and interpret data, and communicate results with clarity ensuring they are adding value. ChampSoft are natural and tenacious problem solvers, and statisticians are the keenest of them all.

ML Experts

ML stands for Machine Learning; an ML expert will be able to create machine learning solutions by developing algorithms which are able to learn and predict.

Industry Experts

ChampSoft are sector agnostic. We work across a vast number of sectors. So over time we have built an enviable expertise in these sectors. Where possible, we will support your project team by adding our our industry expertise.

Unlike a traditional team, you might have complex, high-quality systems and require multiple people working as a whole team to make it work. We can assist you! Please call to schedule an appointment today.