Who am I? – A journey on discovering the inner you

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Well like the tides rise and fall, yet another year has passed and a new year is upon us. Most people as with the trend would most probably stick with the mainstream goals that usually end up being a fantasy most of the time than an actual goal. Why don’t we read on for something a tad different?

What if we tried something different this time around? One of the most important aspects that I would love to dig into and explore this year is Personality! After some research on the matter I came across an algorithm that completely changed my outlook on things! This particular model reflected aspects of my life that most don’t even realize is there. It gives a view on what a person’s strengths are as well as aspects that they need to work on. And the more one reads on the more it turns out as if they were reading a book about themselves!

The particular model being referred is none other than an adaptation of the well renowned Myers Briggs Model – 16 Personalities of People. This particular algorithm after an initial assessment of about 10 minutes of your time would classify you into one of the 16 personalities as listed in par with the model. Their personality model incorporates the latest advances in psychometric research, combining time-tested concepts with robust and highly accurate testing techniques. The model is primarily based up on 5 main pillars as follows:

  1. Mind – This aspect shows as to how one interacts with their surroundings. (Extrovert Vs Introvert)
  2. Energy – Deals with how we see the world and process information. (Observant Vs Intuitive)
  3. Nature – Details how people make decisions as well as how they cope with emotions. (Thinking Vs Feeling)
  4. Tactics – Reflects a persons approach to work, planning and decision making. (Judging Vs Prospecting)
  5. Identity – Finally, the Identity aspect underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions. (-Assertive Vs -Turbulent)

Based on the results of the initial assessment the algorithm would then place you into one of the 16 categories based on the above traits. For example an Assertive Protagonist would be given a set of initials as ENFJ -A. This as you can see is made from the Underlined and Bold letters from the above aspects (ie: Extroverted/ Intuitive/ Feeling/ Judging/ Assertive)

Afterwards based on your personality type you will be directed to an article which would describe your self to the very core. It lists all your strengths, weaknesses, the avenues that would benefits you the most and many more. Something that I personally believe is that in order to grow as a person, one needs to be first know Who they are! Learning further about myself on a much deeper level has helped boost my confidence, identify my strengths as well as so much more. I’m going to leave the links to the initial assessment down below. And believe me investing 10 minutes of your time for it is well worth it! Hope you find a new insight on Who you are with this article! Let’s Smash some goals folks!

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